Oct. 6th, 2011


Oct. 6th, 2011 01:21 am
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This semester is turning into hell.  I'm never taking another art class again.  I'm so glad I didn't officially switch majors yet. x_x

I knew art courses wouldn't be easy, but I had no idea how hard they actually were.  There's so much to do!  And you constantly have to come up with bullshit deeper meanings behind every art you make.  And the courses I'm in aren't really teaching me anything.  They're just sort of... abstract stuffs?  And very vague.  I don't even get a lot of it.  Everyone seems to be doing better than me too, possibly because they actually understand what they're doing, possibly because they haven't caught senioritis yet, possibly because they're just plain better artists.

German is no fun this semester either.  Apparently our teacher gives the most homework out of anyone in the department.  And he seems like a really nice guy when he's not teaching, or at least not teaching German, but as soon as he slips into German Teaching Extreme Mode he turns into this asshole.  He demands verbal responses for every question he asks, especially the ones where silence is the commonly accepted response ("Any questions?" No questions asked.  Teacher moves on.); I think that might just be a teaching style difference between USA and Germany (he spent the past few years in Germany).  So I kind of get the annoying "You will answer, you will answer now!" even if I dislike it.  What I don't get is why he literally shouts at us until we respond "loudly enough".  Why are you acting like a drill sergeant.  Stop it.

Oh, also one of my art courses has a departmental "party" at the end of semester as a "reward" for the students.  Attendance is fucking mandatory.  It's timing directly interferes with my rp group.

My comic probably isn't going to update this week at all, because on top of everything up there, I'm sick.  I really didn't want to schedule-slip the damn thing.  Fuck.  Sorry about the lack of updates, y'all, really.

Is slightly less horrible news, my laptop is coming apart.  It's less horrible because I'm getting a newer, better one.  That I'm going to have to figure out how to multi-os.  Because I love XP too much to let it go, and everything is Windows 7 now.  :(

I'm seriously considering dropping out of college over this workload thing, though.  Gah.  Everything I try is harder than the last thing.

Did I mention how much I hate art classes?


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