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Maybe if I could take a raincheck until there's a proper colony up there, but not before then.
This is an impractical question.
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 List the first five OTPs that come into your head.
1.  Grima/Eowyn
2.  Joker/Batman
3.  Austria/Hungary/Prussia
4.  Harry/Draco
5.  Fenris/Anders

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I have so many other OTPs tho
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Some more Dragon Age art!  Includes a big image and some nsfw stuff.

Art here... )

That is all.  :B
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Figured I've got enough written to start posting some of this.  Sorry this first chapter is so long; the other ones should be shorter.

Dragon Age Chronicles - The Fifth Blight
Rated: PG-13 for language and mature situations (rating subject to change)
Summary: Follow the adventures of Nod Amell and his companions as they battle the Blight.  m!Amell/Zevran
Contains spoilers and non-canon elements.

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DA Fics!

Apr. 24th, 2011 01:06 am
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 Not my fanfic, but others that I found awesome.

A Thin Line
NC-17, sad ending but awesome story

The Talk
G, cute

M, amusing

It's hard to find Dragon Age fics that have some sort of life in them. :(
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Found out yesterday that you need permission from the art department even to sign up for the major's prerequisite classes!  I don't understand why it is so many levels of hard to get into art classes.  Getting permission on Monday.  Hopefully.

A little stuck on the fanfic at the moment--but I'm supposed to be working on essays at the moment anyway, so...

Kinda bored.  Want to work on the fanfic. >:(
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Thinking seriously of changing my major from religious studies to art.  Religious studies is just too many essays.  I'm not good at left-brained stuff like formal essays.  At this point it's change majors or quit school, and I want to be employable. 

The Fanfic

Apr. 19th, 2011 12:43 pm
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Took a sorting quiz for a couple of the characters from my fanfic.  I was somewhat surprised that Nod came out as a Gryffindor, but now that I think about it, that does actually fit him pretty well.  The results suggested it was still something of a toss-up between Gryff and Slytherin.  It was probably pushed over into the Gryff territory because Nod's reaction to someone trying to take his lunch would be to punch them in the face (and the fact that he can take a joke, which is strangely not considered a quality of the other houses??)

The long-suffering Jowan unsurprisingly rated as a Hufflepuff.

I haven't done the other main characters yet.  Morrigan's pretty unambiguously Slytherin, I think, and Wynne feels like a Ravenclaw to me.  Not sure about the others.  Curious about what my versions of Zevran and Alistair rate as.  Especially Alistair.  Hm.  I should go do them.

EDIT:  Ok, Alistair's a Hufflepuff.  Not really expecting that from his answers.  It was pretty close call between all the houses for him, though.

WHAT.  So is Wynne.  By a landslide!  Ravenclaw was second choice, though.  Still, she doesn't seem like a Puff.  Hm.

Morrigan was a close running between Slytherin and Gryffindor.  With Gryff winning.  WITH GRYFF WINNING.  WHAT IS THIS.

Zevran is Slytherin by a landslide.  Finally.  Was beginning to think the quiz was bugged.

Dog is a dog.  I'm not doing him.

Leliana is a Hufflepuff.  I guess that makes sense?  Awful lot of Puffs out to save the world, here.

Sten is a Gryffindor.  Not anything shocking, there.

Oghren is also a Gryff.

Four Gryffindors, four Hufflepuffs, and a Slytherin.  HM.

EDIT2:  I'm a tie between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  Slytherin is this thing's last choice for me! D:

If anyone's interested in taking this quiz themselves, it's here.
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Told ya I had more of these.

Art here... )
No more drawn at the moment.
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I finally scanned and colored some of the art for my fanfic!  Still working on the fanfic, but figured I might as well post the art that's ready (yes there's more).

Art here... )

Like I said, I'm working on more of these!  :D

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 Whew!  End of the semester is annoying.  So much to do! >:V

Been working on a Dragon Age: Origins fanfic.  It follows along the same story as the game (at least at first), so I'm primarily relying on character interaction to make it appealing.  Drew some art for it too, but I haven't scanned it yet.

Doo de doo.
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 A couple Zevran comics for you!

Edit: here's some more.
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Stayed up late to argue with somebody, instead of working on that second paper, because Someone Was Wrong On The Internet. Ugh. Way to go, self.

On a more positive note, on my second try I actually got everybody out of the mines alive! :D Am thinking of heading down the mines for some more leveling before meeting with the marquis. Worth it, laetina? Or not?? :O

More Stuff

Mar. 19th, 2011 07:39 pm
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 Trying to write two 5+ page papers and pack for going back to school.  One of the papers is coming along, and is already at the three page mark, while the other one is kinda stuck at page one.  Writing on the use of amplification in religion is hard!

Have taken several breaks to play Oblivion on the xbox.  Have packed the playstation already.

Damn.  I really need to get back to the dm of the new space game on my character.


Mar. 17th, 2011 10:25 pm
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 Sorry [ profile] laetina , I'm a bit tired to rp tonight.  

TruTV is showing basketball now.  This is the furthest they've gotten from true crime shows!  Am very disappoint.

Set up my xbox.  It's very simple!  The controller confused me for a bit though.  You can actually push in the sticks like buttons!  Also for some reason I can't get the hang of the right stick, but maybe I just need more practice.  Oblivion works much better on the xbox than the computer.  I prefer the computer controls for that one, though...  Hm.

Been trying to play ffx.  It's a bit more confusing to get started in than ffxii.  Also the traditional ff combat system did indeed confuse me!  I think I've gotten the hang of it now, but I think I prefer xii's.  I've reached a point in xii where I have to fight a bunch of monsters--and then, without a chance to save, I have to run from these unbeatable bangaa.  I think they're bangaa.  Anyway, they killed everyone because I got lost in the mines and also forgot to turn off gambits (so everyone on AI was trying to fight instead of run).  Now I have to go through half the mine just to run away again.  I hate being chased! D<


Mar. 13th, 2011 08:54 pm
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We celebrated my Dad's birthday by going to the movies and then going out to dinner.  I saw Red Riding Hood--which is a pretty good movie--and then we went to this nice sushi place that just moved into our town.  It was all lots of fun, right up til I threw up. >(

So I played FF for a while.  It's pretty fun!  I don't know what the combat's like in the other ff's, but the one I've got is pretty smooth so far.


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