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 List the first five OTPs that come into your head.
1.  Grima/Eowyn
2.  Joker/Batman
3.  Austria/Hungary/Prussia
4.  Harry/Draco
5.  Fenris/Anders

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I have so many other OTPs tho
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 Fr. Gil got together with the Old Fritz he met!  The thread.  Am excite!  I wanted to hook Fr up with somebody, maybe an Austria, but this is just too perfect!  My headcanon is that while Fr does love Austria and Hungary romantically, Fritz was always his True Love.  He never got over the man's death and was just so happy to have a second chance with one in the dressing room!  The thread starts out awkward, but gets cuter as it goes along.  It's still ongoing.
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 Listening to this makes me happy.

Fr Gil

Oct. 12th, 2010 07:22 pm
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What's Fr. Gil been up to recently?  I don't know, let's find out!
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Yes, I finished more of these.  :)  And this time there's a story!

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Some arts!  Axis Powers Pan returns.

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I might do more Hetalia Pan art in the future.  We shall see!

Two Comics

Aug. 7th, 2010 08:28 pm
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 Two Hetalia comics!  The first one is only one page, the second is a full six pages :O

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Been working on my story a bit more.  Actually wrote the beginning! 
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 Art time!  Hetalia/Peter Pan this time.

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 Happy Birthday, Alfred!  *fireworks*

Now, some art!

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Anyhow, I was watching Life on Animal Planet, and they had all these spider crabs walking together towards a destination, except one, who was just standing there.  He was riding on another one.  So cute!
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 Happy Birthday Matthew!  I'm sorry this is late, I thought Canada Day was today, not July 1st.   I didn't forget about you, I'm just stupid!  ;_;
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 Uploading some arts!

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 Had a dream about some gummy worms.  They were little pet-things that you could feed tiny gummy worms to and they would swollow them and were cute.  But then it turned out they weren't weird toys like I'd thought, they were ALIVE and a legit species of snake.  I had them in a box with some I had bought before and they were eating each other and the old ones were sort of mummified cause I hadn't fed them cause I thought they were toys and I NEVER WANT TO SEE ANOTHER GUMMY WORM AGAIN AAAAA
I also had a boyfriend who collected bugs by picking them up like cheerios and putting them in a bucket.

Then I dreamed I was a magic wielding daughter of France and Germany, and was dating France too for some reason.  I was also a black woman.


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