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So I had a kind of dull Halloween.  Didn't dress up because I didn't go anywhere except church and we don't get trick-or-treaters in my apartment building.  And I missed a call from [ profile] laetina !  Sadness.  I didn't notice it until today.  I played Fr. Gil for a while tho, and wrote most of a paper.  My mom spent the night and brought me a bunch of food, which was nice.  The food, I mean.

So!  The characters I thought up recently.

The first is the one based on Prussia.  His name is currently Fr. Gilbert Waffin, tho I might change that.  He's a fey changeling, whose human parents were talked by their village priest into dedicating him to the Church instead of baking him in an oven.  He still has some scars on his back from his parents' beatings designed to make the fey bring back the human child.  It doesn't really occur to him that this is horrible tho, because he's a fey.  Their sense of morality is... often odd.  Anyway, he was born sometime in the 1200s, and was raised in a monastery, so when he came of age he became a priest.  He likes to help people, and is a lot more... pious?  not a complete hedonist? un-feyish? than most fey, but he's still a fey, so he's not the best priest to put it mildly.  He's been defrocked several times over the centuries, but has always managed to talk himself back into the clergy, in large part because fey are more respected than humans by the supernatural population and it was very beneficial to the Church's supernatural division to have a fey working for them.  The last time he got in trouble tho he decided he'd had enough and just joined a Catholic-ish but more liberal Protestant group.  He's now a priest in the Anglo-Catholic branch of Anglicanism--which are basically Anglicans who think of themselves as Catholics, and often celebrate the same services as Catholics, so it wasn't a very big change for him.  He's still a pretty terrible priest, but at least now he's in a church that doesn't have celibacy.  He was generous enough to agree to still help the Vatican out when they needed him, which they found useful (the whole "fey more respected" thing) but kind of strange (of all places to start the ecumenical thing, in the secretive supernatural division?).  In addition to being a terrible priest, he's a terrible fey, because some usual weaknesses like iron and holy water don't bother him at all.  The holy water at least is due to prolonged exposure and the fact that he was baptized at some point.  Church bells still bother him tho, which is sort of comical in a High-Church Anglican priest.

The character based on Austria is Austin Grimes.  He's an English pianist who became involved with the supernatural community because he just stopped aging about 100 years ago.  He won't say exactly what happened to him.  He's kind of prissy, and likes to cook and clean house and stuff which is good because his wife sure as hell isn't going to do any of that stuff.  He eventually becomes Fr. Gilbert's lover, after insisting to Giselle that they get married in a Christian church and she introduces him to the only priest she knows.  He's also kidnapped by a jealous Nikolai at some point.

The character based on Hungary is Giselle Shield.  She's a valkyrie, which means she's an unaging mystical warrior-woman with retractable wings.  She becomes enamored of Austin at some point before the story starts.  He's not exactly the kind of man most valkyries would go for, but I guess she's just unusual that way.  She's some sort of Pagan Odin-worshiper--not sure exactly which Pagan tradition yet--but she's friends with Fr. Gilbert.  The priest's had a crush on her for quite a while and she eventually decides she respects him enough to not mind sharing her husband, so they become a triad.  They have to go through some adventures before they get to that point tho, and I'm not sure what adventures those are yet!  She's brash and kind of domineering, and doesn't do any homemaker stuff (so it's good at least one of the three is domestic).  She's on a SWAT team.

The one based on Russia is Nikolai Zmeyevich.  He's a fey who's a member of the Russian mafia.  He's a lot younger than Fr. Gilbert, which puts him quite a bit lower on the fey-respect scale.  He's kind of a creeper and is semi-stalking Fr. Gilbert, who he has a crush on and once kidnapped and held captive throughout the Cold War.  It's only semi-stalking because the priest, also being a fey, sees no reason not to go out drinking with his former kidnapper.  They have a weird relationship.  When Fr. Gilbert starts hitting on Austin, Nikolai gets jealous and kidnaps and beats the human.  He has to be convinced at spritzer-of-holy-water-point to let the human go again.

There's also a few ocs, one of whom is the head of the Catholic Church's supernatural division, Longinus Cardinal Della Croce.  Yes, he's the same Longinus who traditionally pierced the side of Christ with a spear.  He's still around because he's a vampire, just like in White Wolf--unlike there, he's been a Catholic convert since pretty much the beginning.  In this universe vampires, while they tend to be pretty terrible people, also tend to be fairly religious--holy symbols work on them, not because they do any harm to the creatures, but because they remind them while hunting that they're being dicks and they (usually, briefly) feel ashamed of themselves.  Cardinal Della Croce is actually a really decent person, especially for a vampire, and is widely regarded as a saint (although he would argue against that).  He hasn't actually been canonized tho because while the living can't be canonized, no one can even come to a consensus when it comes to the living dead.  He's kind of a strange, intense person because he's a vampire.  I'm not quite sure how to work him into the story--maybe he visits America (where all the other characters are) for some reason related to the adventures?  I don't know.  I like him and want to include him somehow.

Long post is long.  Time to go to my next class!

Date: 2010-11-22 05:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I want more of this story so bad.

Date: 2010-11-26 02:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! I want more of it too. I'm not really coming up with anything, which is a damn shame. :/


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