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 Switched from Kotor to Baldur's Gate.  Kotor was really good for expending nervous energy, and BG is not.  I mean, BG seems to be a good game and all so far, but there's something about it that makes me anxious.  Also it's really difficult to rp in BG.  The support characters I'm attached to emotionally aren't the best team set up, and I might have to switch them out for a better party...  But like I said, I'm emotionally invested in them, even though the necromancer only has four hit points and I've been PKed by four kobolds.  AD&D-style kobolds too, not those scary 4e kobolds.  If the party doesn't get tougher they can't fight what's getting thrown at them, but if they don't fight they won't level up and get tougher...  GAH

Still don't have the energy to rp Fr. Gil.  Maybe I should withdraw him temporarily from the rp or something.  gah

My doctor's putting me on yet another medication, so hopefully I'll start feeling better soon.  Still can't do anything.  Everything ether makes me anxious or is boring.  UNHAPPINESS


Feb. 22nd, 2011 04:48 pm
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For some reason I feel like shit.  Seriously, I can't make myself read, write, draw, or even play games for any length of time.  I mostly just lie there.  Everything I normally like doing holds no interest for me.  I thought I was feeling depressed cause I was having a problem, but the problem got taken care of and I actually feel worse.  I don't understand.  Maybe my meds need readjusting again?  Ugh.

So over this.
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Memes )

Started writing both the Fr. Alp story, and the Lanternist story!  I finally have a plot idea for the lanternist one. :)  Still no real plot for Father, but eh.  I'll write what I got.

Lanternist one will be a little more formal tone than most of my writing.  Am so excite about lanternist story!  *bounces*
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Because I Can't Sleep, I'm Bored, and it's 4AM:
A Meme.

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I need to find a better way to describe Jeriah, Matteen and Usurpateur better than "x-expy" or  "lizard", especially Usurpateur.  I've got a clear idea of what he's like, but I'm having trouble describing it cause my brain's still fried.  Can't tell if that's the medication or whatever I have.  Seriously, can't even play the sims.  Ready to not feel like this no more.

Had a weird dream about trying not to run into a bouquet of axes, someone i-guess-drunkenly? arguing a point, and trying to find a cheap kitchen to keep in my sister's basement.  Because I was hungry, and obviously nothing but an entire kitchen in someone else's house (which was made of blankets) would suffice.  There was a weird hole in the floor to give us access to the food somehow.

Bored.  wish I could find something that wasn't too hard to concentrate on that was still fun.


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